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Friday, November 2, 2012 5:08 PM

Historical Profile of ARC:
The Addicts Rehabilitation Center (ARC) is the oldest and on of the largest drug treatment programs in the New York State. ARC began in 1957 on the second floor of the Manhattan Christian Reform Church, now known as Christian Parish for Spiritual Reform Church located at 201 W 122nd Street, N.Y, N.Y. We have grown from a church based and a church funded day program to a State Licensed and funded 500 bed drug free residential rehabilitation complex. ARC is operated as a therapeutic milieu structured to provide a nurturing, drug free environment to adult male and female substance abusers.
The Purpose:
The purpose of the ARC System is to help active or detoxified addicts to become rehabilitated. We do this by three (3) objectives........
Help program participants unlearn old destructive ways.
Guide them in the development of new attitudes and positive patterns of thoughts and actions.
Assist them in the search for identity on a safe social level in the community where they will live.

About Us:
The Clinical assessment must determine a chemical dependency problem. All intake must bring appropriate indentification (i.e., birth certificate, social securrity card, welfare ID, drivers license, state photo ID, prison ID, passpports). All admissions must bring a thirty (30) day supply of all prescribed medications (no psychoactive/ psychotropic medicines are allowed). All criminal justice refferals must bring written permission from that criminal justice entity, approveing their admission into ARC. and documenting any mandated stipulations.